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Kitchen Design in Shelby Township | Counters & Cabinets | MGW Kitchens - designWhen designing or remodeling a kitchen, the human imagination, combined with state-of-the-art design technology, allows for endless possibilities.

While you can imagine a variety of beautiful features for the room, it is often difficult to know how those ideas will work together in practice. MGW Kitchens fills in the gaps in this imaginative process. Operating in Shelby Township, Macomb County, and other communities throughout the Metro Detroit area, we provide the technology and expertise to plan and execute a successful kitchen remodel.


Choosing the Right Layout and Style: Our Kitchen Design Services

The first step in making your imagined kitchen a reality is to get a sense of the materials available. When first planning to remodel, homeowners often think in terms of colors and shapes, without a clear sense of how to achieve them. Our job is to illuminate your options for you, allowing you to match your vision to real materials. We provide:

  • Surface Materials - As one of Michigan’s foremost countertop fabricators, we can produce solid surfaces from a wide range of materials. These include granite, marble, and Silestone®, Vicostone®, and Caesarstone® quartz. Each of these materials is available in an array of different colors, making it easy for you to identify the appearance you desire for your kitchen.
  • Endless Edges - In addition to making countertops and other surfaces from a wide variety of materials, we can cut those surfaces into a wide range of different shapes. We offer flat, polished edges, half, full, and demi bullnose edges, beveled edges, and ogee edges. This makes it easy to install new surfaces in rooms of any size or shape.
  • Cabinet Considerations - Besides installing and renovating surfaces, MGW Kitchens offers a selection of kitchen cabinets. These are also available in a range of materials and can be suited to any type of lighting or color arrangement in the surrounding room.

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The MGW Kitchens team takes precise measurements before each remodeling job and informs you of what your options are. Our goal is to get the designs right the first time, so the layout you choose remains beautiful for the long haul.

Picture Your Kitchen with Zero Obligation

Our precise measurements, attention-to-detail, and range of materials all contribute to getting our incredible results, but it all starts with the advanced design technology we use. In particular, we employ CAD software to create a 3D model of how each client’s kitchen will look after remodeling. With this technology, we can test out different ideas, identify problems early in the design process, and adjust our plans accordingly. This greatly reduces any hassles or delays in the remodeling process.

MGW Kitchens wants all of our clients to take advantage of this bold, new technology, which is why we offer the opportunity to use it with no obligations. Simply tell us your remodeling ideas and we will put together a 3D model, incorporating as many of them as possible. If you don’t love what you see, we’ll keep modeling until we find the best design.

Why Choose the MGW Kitchens Design Team?

Kitchen Design in Shelby Township | Counters & Cabinets | MGW Kitchens - design2Kitchen remodeling is both an art and a science, and MGW Kitchens is careful to balance both roles. Our precise measurements, 3D models, and detailed knowledge of each material’s properties allow us to produce lasting work that will improve the convenience and cleanliness of your home. These technical concerns, however, never distract us from the goal of creating beautiful, intricate kitchens. By balancing these two roles, we add value to your property, stretch your investment as far as possible and create a kitchen that you can be proud of.

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