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Cabinet & Countertop Supplier in Shelby Township, MI | MGW Kitchens - cabinetDo you know where your countertops came from?

If you’re like most homeowners, you can probably name the company that installed them, which can, in turn, say where they bought them - but tracking down the actual manufacturer is difficult. Not so with MGW Kitchens! We fabricate our own countertops to meet each customers' needs. With no middleman, you can be confident that the countertops’ price, quality, and appearance all match your deepest desires.


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Let Us Design and Install Your Beautiful, New Cabinets

MGW Kitchens isn’t just Metro Detroit’s top choice for natural stone, we also offer a wide range of durable, high-quality cabinet lines that are guaranteed to look amazing! Our professional design and installation team will help you select the perfect material and look and provide a flawless installation that you’re going to love.

Quality Countertops Built from a Broad Selection of Materials

As a kitchen remodeling contractor in the Metro Detroit area, MGW Kitchens serves customers with a wide variety of needs and tastes. A countertop that is perfectly suited to one home may be too heavy, too bulky, or aesthetically out-of-place in another. That's why we carry the full range of surface materials, namely:

  • Quartz - A favorite for homeowners who are remodeling their kitchen on a budget, quartz is one of the most affordable countertop materials. Its low cost does not come at the expense of durability; quartz is highly resistant to damage and can be kept clean with minimal effort.
  • Granite - Granite countertops combine the strength and durability of quartz with renewed reinforcement against discoloration. This material resists water, stains, and heat, maintaining the same color and texture no matter what you place on it.
  • Tile - As with walls and floors, tiles let you achieve a more intricate arrangement of shapes and colors on your countertop. Homeowners with more ambitious aesthetic plans thus opt for tile surfaces.
  • Marble - From the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome, right up to the present day, marble provides a solid, enduring aesthetic wherever it is applied. We provide marble countertops in countless different colors, giving your kitchen counters a natural, but pristine, appearance.

Besides providing multiple materials for your countertops, we can cut those surfaces into any number of shapes. We specialize in producing ogee edges, flat polished edges, beveled edges, and full, demi, and half-nose edges. We tailor the edges to your kitchen’s unique characteristics, providing as much room as possible to move around without separating the surfaces so widely as to be inconvenient.

The Benefits of Working with a Natural Stone Countertop Fabricator

Cabinet & Countertop Supplier in Shelby Township, MI | MGW Kitchens - counterAs a fully-equipped countertop fabricator, MGW Kitchens can offer its customers a number of benefits that other remodelers cannot. Chief among these is customization. Whereas remodelers who buy and resell surfaces are limited by what their suppliers are willing to produce, MGW Kitchens can create countertops of any shape, size or color. Our customers can obtain a wider range of designs, and don’t have to settle for the closest match from a predetermined selection.

In addition to offering our customers greater customization, we can also provide more affordable choices. Firms that buy and resell countertops have to pay their suppliers a portion of their revenues, meaning prices have to be higher to achieve a profit. With no middleman to pay, we can keep our prices as close to the cost of production as possible.

The ability to request a specific design also means that finding the surfaces you desire will not be as much of a hassle. Rather than searching through hundreds of product options until you identify the one you truly want, you need only inform us of the color and shape you’re looking for, and we’ll take it from there. Thus not only do we offer you more options at lower prices, but we save you time and effort in the process.

MGW Kitchens offers the highest-quality countertops in the Metro Detroit area, but don’t take our word for it. Pay a visit to our showroom and we’ll show you our designs. To schedule this visit or learn more about our services, contact us today.

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